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What 'Ridiculousness' Will 50 Cent Get Into On TV?

He's a guest on the new season's first episode.

50 Cent is a dude that does and says what he wants. It's been that way for years -- think back to his 2000 single, "How To Rob" -- and it's still that way today -- just watch any of his interviews or Instagram videos for proof.

So what will he say when given the platform to professionally clown on people? We'll find out tonight, when Fif is a guest on the first episode of the new season of MTV's "Ridiculousness," which was actually filmed in New York.

50 may be known for having one of the most ubiquitous birthday anthems ever with " In da Club," but as we all know, not all birthdays are fun-filled parties. Sometimes, things go wrong.

In a sneak peak from tonight's episode (above) Fif and co. take a look at some of those not-so-great occasions.

Watch the full episode of "Ridiculousness" tonight at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.