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Can You Sing And Serve? Then You Can Work At The Jonas Brothers New Restaurant

I will gladly share my sweet potato fries with you, Nick.

The Jonas Brothers have always been known as being from New Jersey, but now we're learning about their families historic roots in North Carolina.

In 2013 the Jonas Bros dad, Kevin Jonas Sr., or Papa Jonas, purchased an old antique and consignment shop and decided to revamp it into Nellie's Southern Kitchen -- a southern-style cuisine restaurant named after their grandmother.

In the early 1900s, members of the Jonas family worked in Belmont area textile mills and to this day they still have family living there. "When we open Nellie's Southern Kitchen, it is a way to honor my family but also to re-invest in Belmont," Mr. Jonas explained in a press release, "We want to help bring more visitors to the town. Kevin, Joe and Nick have always loved visiting Belmont and look forward to their continued visits as we open the restaurant."

Do you live near Belmont, North Carolina? Then you need to check this out:

Auditions will be held Thursday (Oct. 8) for singers and musicians to join the waitstaff at Nellie's.

The restaurant is currently under construction and is hoping for a holiday opening. Maybe the JoBros will reunite at Nellie's for a little acoustic sesh, and some delish fried chicken, of course.