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Ronda Rousey Used To Be A Big Ol' Pokemon Nerd

More like Pik-awwwwww-chu.

As if we needed more reasons to be obsessed with Ronda Rousey, now she has to go and admit that in her younger years, she was a big ol' Pokémon nerd. Oh, and that she's still geeking out today, even as she spends her time kicking ass, taking names and being our dream casting for Captain Marvel.

Rousey appeared on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" last night (October 6) to reveal her obsessions on the "geeking out" segment. As it turns out, Rousey goes hard when it comes to Pokémon.

"I used to moderate a Pokémon forum, I'd go to the mall to partake in the Pokémon tournaments and get my little badges," she said. "I was really good."

Nowadays, she's more into "World of Warcraft," in which she plays a Night Elf Hunter, and "Taichi Panda" when she travels.

"I'm like, one level away from waking a demigod up, so I'm pretty happy about that," she said.

Rousey also offered an astute social observation: "Isn't that crazy when you get out of high school things that make you weird make you interesting?"

Totes, Ronda. Totes. In the meantime, can we, like, compare Charizards? Please?

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