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Jeezy's Been Prepping Us For Church In These Streets With A Few Tracks

Jeezy season approaching.

Jeezy’s charged up.

Ten years after his breakout album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 dropped, the Georgia MC is gearing up to release Church In These Streets on Nov. 13. It’s a cause for celebration for Snowman fans who’ve been ready for a follow-up to last year’s Seen It All: The Autobiography.

Today’s a big day for this album prep because the cover is out, which means we're that much closer to seeing the project drop.

We've been getting a steady stream of Snowman teases for this project thanks to his #SundayService releases. I mean, he's dropped exclusive joints, remixes and more. Let's take a look at some of these cuts as we gear up for Church.

  • Pastor Young's Letter

    Jeezy addressed street disciples with his frustrations. He wasn't rapping on here, though. He was just preaching and teaching. Plus, he released a video for the spoken word piece, which you can watch above.

  • "God"

    After hearing that sermon, you might not be surprised that Jeezy dropped "God." It's not super religious, though. It's more about how he's seen as a God in the hood. While there are references to holy water and more, it's not as much about Jesus as it is Yeezus: "God sh-t, I'm on my Kanye," he rhymes on the slapper. "Bad bitch she my Kim K."

  • "God (Remix)"

    It's almost like bars can't hold him so Gucci Mane is everywhere. He proved that yet again on "God's" remix. The two trap stars trade bars on a remix. "This is hood royalty," Snowman raps.

  • "Church In The Streets"

    "Bow our heads," Jeezy says as the upcoming album's title track begins. "Let us pray." And indeed, the song is about Pastor Young spreading the word yet again for street disciples. And nah, it's not like a Christian rap song at all, but it does, once again, make references to religious imagery (blended with street visuals, of course).

  • "Gold Bottles"

    You look at the title and you think, "This song's about to be about gold bottles," but that's not entirely accurate. It's also about how things can be like gold bottles. In this case, Pastor Young rhymes about how gunshots can sound like gold bottles being popped. His necklace is also compared to a gold bottle and the song goes on.

  • “Hustla’s Holiday”

    You know when a huslter's holiday is? Never. "Hustle Monday through Monday," he rhymes on this cut. "We ain't missing one day." No resting for Jeezy.

  • "Walked In"

    Jeezy joined a party for this one. The Snowman decided to remix the Bankroll Fresh, Boochie and Travis Porter track "Walked In." It's just a verse on a remix, but it shows Jeezy's as hungry as ever. And this isn't the only remix he jumped on.

  • "679"

    Fetty Wap's "679" is killing everything right now. And as other rappers like Drake join him on remixes, you can't blame Snowman for doing the same.

  • "Pipe It Up"

    Perhaps "Walked In" and "679" weren't enough to fill your remix fix. So, Jeezy decided to hop on Migos' "Pipe It Up" too.

Nov. 13 is coming up and we're sure Jeezy's still not done prepping us for Church In These Streets. Get ready for more as Jeezy season approaches.