Here's What Ariana Grande's New Song Sounds Like... Maybe

Frankie Grande sings 'Focus' as if were being performed on Broadway.

Ariana Grande's new song seems like eons away, but as patient Arianators, we're sitting here, eating up any clue that she'll give us. The singer has been posting blurred-out lyrics to "Focus," hyping its Oct. 30 release, and on Monday (Oct. 5), her brother decided to sing us a little taste of it.

Frankie Grande, star of many an Ariana Snapchat and, of course, the Broadway productions of "Rock Of Ages" and "Mamma Mia!", boisterously and dramatically belted out the opening line of "Focus."

"I know what you came to do, and I'm not gonna stay," Frankie sings, clutching the wall and acting so fiercely he propels himself into the curtain behind him.

However, the next lyrics he sings vary from the ones that Ari teased us before. It sounds like he says, "When you want to grip my face, and you've gone away."

Um, weird.

The lyrics Grande teased us last week go as such: "I know what you came to do/ and I'm not gonna stay/ So go ahead and talk ya talk/ 'cause I won't take the bait."

Who knows if he was being silly or if this is some sort of Halloween version of the song? All I know is that it's Frankie's world and we're merely living in it.