Ponies Dancing To ‘Pony’ Is Our New Favorite Everything

Saddle up for a dancing-pony party!

Here’s a fun fact: Once you watch a bunch of horses hoofing it to R&B, your life will be changed forever. So, if you think you’re ready, scroll on down to watch this video of ponies dancing to Ginuwine’s ’90s classic, “Pony”.

Another fun fact is that after you watch this clip, nothing on the Internet will ever come close to emotionally fulfilling you ever again. You might as well just sign off, smash your phone, and move off the grid, because no Rottweiler pup with hiccups or fat cat sliding into a cardboard box will ever come close.

Kidding! But seriously, this video’s HAY-larious, and we will NEIGH-ver stop living for it. (Or pony puns, clearly. #sorrynotsorry) For you see, watching prancing ponies pop it to this classic jam just makes us all…

+ Watch ponies dance to Ginuwine’s “Pony.”

Photo credit: MTV/ GIFs: MTV, rebloggy, Giphy, Giphy, gifpal