7 Pop Songs That’ll Have You Covered For Graduation

For some of you, graduation's almost here! It's time to put on that cap and gown that almost no one looks cute in, spend hours practicing your strut down the stage, and prep for your biggest #covermoment to date, because you're about to get your life.

To help celebrate this important milestone, we've compiled a vital collection of graduation songs to keep you inspired, focused, and ready to take on the future -- with plenty of time for dancing, of course.

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1.) Katy Perry, "Roar": You did it. You actually did it! You've got the eye of the tiger. A fighter -- you showed all of them! Even that one awful math teacher. (You know which one we're talking about.)

What's more empowering/inspiring than hearing Katy Perry throw her fist in the air and unleash an almighty ROAR in the faces of all of her naysayers? Literally nothing. That's what! So, sing it out loud and proud, 'cause you really deserve it.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Roar" video.

2.) fun., "We Are Young" featuring Janelle Monáe: Being an adult means having to deal with complicated annoyances like insurance policies, 401Ks, and something called "fiscal responsibility." Celebrate a summer filled with none of those things with fun. and Janelle Monáe's soaring, arena-ready anthem, and hold your gray hair-free head high for tonight... WE ARE YOUNG!

+ Watch fun.'s "We Are Young" video featuring Janelle Monáe.

+ 3.) Sia, "Chandelier": Sia is so next-level genius she makes brilliant jealous. Her latest epic, "Chandelier," is both an incredible, hook-heavy pop masterpiece of wailing proportions and a total "What Not To Do" when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

You see, it might sound like she's having fun swinging around, but listen closely to those lyrics: "Keep my glass full until morning light/ 'Cause I'm just holding on for tonight." Remember, kids: Moderation is the key to success. (Also: talent and drive.)

+ Watch Sia's "Chandelier" video.

4.) Lorde, "Team": Surviving school is NO joke. It really takes a core group of friends to get through the day, something our beloved goth-pop Kiwi, Lorde, does on her dreamy anthem to building her very own troupe of misfits, "Team." Settle in and take solace in Lorde's moody, downtempo vibes -- no throwing your hands up in the air required.

+ Watch Lorde's "Team" video.

5.) Foxes, "Youth": From the moment you snatch that diploma in front of your friends and family, your grown-up life has officially begun -- and U.K. chanteuse Foxes' surging, synth-pop ode to seizing the day soundtracks this milestone perfectly. Chase time with a thousand dreams -- or more! This is your moment.

+ Watch Foxes' "Youth" video.

6.) Angel Haze featuring Sia, "Battle Cry": Featuring dozens of mile-a-minute inspirational verses that deserve to be puff-painted all over your graduation cap, Angel Haze's explosive self-empowerment anthem is one of the best hype-up jams you'll come across while you're waiting for your cross-stage saunter.

"You only get one moment in this life to be great, and you can give it your all despite what it takes," the rising rapper sagely advises. Throw in Sia's reliably soaring hook, and you've got everything you need to remind yourself of your greatness.

+ Watch Angel Haze's "Battle Cry" video featuring Sia.

7.) Betty Who, "High Society": School's over, and you've survived graduation -- now it's time to turn up! Betty Who's glittery, '80s-sounding nostalgia anthem, "High Society," is all about living the good life. You don't literally need to consume caviar and Chardonnay, of course. (Especially if you're under 21, which hopefully you are if you're graduating, no offense to those legal adults who got held back a few times.) It's about creating your own version of a glamorous existence.

So, grab your besties, bid school adieu, nand let Betty provide the soundtrack to your best summer ever! #TTYS #HAGS #LYLAS

+ Listen to Betty Who's "High Society."

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