Chromeo & Solange Team Up For Moody, Pop-Funk 'Lost On The Way Home'

Listen to Chromeo's new song "Lost On The Way" featuring Solange.

Listen to Chromeo and Solange's latest collab.

Chromeo's latest album, White Women, is packed full of dreamy dream collaborations like "Come Alive" featuring Toro y Moi. But with "Lost On The Way Home," the masters of pop-funk might have found their most exciting teammate to date in Solange.

Unlike "Jealous (I Ain’t With It)", "Sexy Socialite," and some of the other tracks on the LP (out May 12), "Lost On The Way Home" diverges from the nonstop party energy for a post-dance floor moment of reflection.

"And we can't go back, 'cause there's no back and there's no truce/ In other words, it's just no use," Dave 1 sings, the frustration of a romance gone sour bleeding through his wounded vocals. "But you know it's gonna take time," the "Lovers In The Parking Lot" singer assures him. It's a long way from the carefree, on-the-prowl macking of their previous collaboration, "When The Night Falls," from back in 2011.

"I was super excited to get back in and work together," Solange shared on her label, Saint Heron's, site. "Dave and P are seriously some of the sweetest and most genuine, talented dudes I know… just good people.

"They came down to Long Island to this house where I was working on my album late last summer, and they played me a few tracks. When they played the instrumental for 'Lost on the Way,' I immediately knew that was the jam and I wrote the melodies and lyrics to my parts super fast and recorded it that night. It flowed really organically, and working with them always feels that way."

Flowed really organically? We wish we could say the same about the way our body is compulsively interpretive-dancing to the track right now.

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Photo credit: Atlantic, Saint Heron