This Adam Lambert 'Smoking' Photo Is Pretty Self-Explanatory

Check out this Instagram photo of Adam Lambert "smoking."

Adam Lambert literally IS the smoking section. 

We'd like to thank whoever made this neon "Smoking" sign hanging in Adam Lambert's Instagram photo, because it both serves as a reminder of his hotness and saves us the trouble of imagining it's there in our heads.

I mean, that pretty much describes exactly how we feel about the "If I Had You" singer. How else would you refer to a guy who gives you the vapors coupled with a rapid heart-rate increase and a case of the nervous sweats? Speaking of which, anyone else get those symptoms? We couldn't find "Glambertitis" anywhere on WebMD...

Anyway, what we're trying to say is that the adjective completely works for us. Though, we can think of other neon-lit words Adam and his green hair -- er, white hair -- could stand under, like "Glamorous," "C'est Glamour," or "MARRY ME RIGHT NOW SO WE CAN LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER AND EAT PIZZA FOR BREAKFAST IN BED AND STUFF PLZ."

What? They can totally make neon signs that long.

Photo credit: Adam Lambert's Instagram