You'll Want To Be Bitten By Iggy Azalea And Rita Ora's Katy Perry-Penned Track 'Black Widow'

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora at the 2013 VMAs.

Don't worry — they won't bite. Uh, maybe.

Spitfire Aussie femcee/eternal Woman Crush Wednesday Iggy Azalea is about to drop The New Classic this week on our unprepared ears.

Of all the new songs on the album (which includes bangas like "Impossible Is Nothing" and "Work"), the track that's bound to get all the early buzz is "Black Widow."

After teaming up with feisty alt-pop misfit Charli XCX for the still VERY much amazing "Fancy" that continues to creep its way up the charts, Iggy's keeping the female tag teams theme with the Rita Ora-assisted, Katy Perry-penned jam — and it's all sorts of YAAAAS.

It's no wonder Miss Kitty Purry co-penned the hook (along with a whole kitchen sink of producers, including Miss Rita, StargateBenny Blanco and Sarah Hudson), because subtle shades of "Dark Horse" make up its chorus' DNA.

When it comes to lovin', it's an all-or-nothing sitch for these two femme fatales. "I'm gonna love ya until you hate me/ And now I'm gonna show ya what's really crazy," Rita threatens across a thunderous hook — all leading up to a nazty trap-lite beat drop.

Iggy then swoops in to seal the deal, dismissing former flames and promising to get her dude infatuated until "they have a CAT scan to check on your mind/ And it's nothing but me on it."

Now that's, like, a very extreme level of obsessed. Hope you know what you're in for, Calvin Harris and Nick Young!

Arachnophobia or not, you'll want to caught up in this fierce web. Trust us.


Photo credit: Rita Ora's Instagram