Can’t Keep A Good Alicia Keys Down In ‘It’s On Again’ Video

What’s Alicia Keys got up her elegantly tailored sleeve?

ICYMI, Alicia Keys gives good inspo. With “Girl On Fire” and “Empire State Of Mind” in her back catalog, we’re not exactly sure how you could’ve missed that, but we digress. The New York native is back on the empowerment tip with her new video for “It’s On Again,” her cut off of the “Amazing Spider-Man 2” soundtrack.

The clip begins with featured artist Kendrick Lamar, who serves as a kind of old-school theatrical chorus figure with his opening verse. We quickly learn that he, Alicia, producer Pharrell Williams, and composer Hans Zimmer are up to something, and it’s not a medley of Zimmer’s greatest hits. (Cue “Batman!”)

Intercut are scenes of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in character, looking confused as they try to keep up with our musicians’ mysterious plan. “I’ll bet they wonder how I go on,” plots Alicia from behind the scenes, soon answering her own question with: “I simply say, ’It’s on again.'” Insert your dramatic animal GIFs here.

It’s all good, though! Alicia and her crew just wanted to make New York a more lively, musical, and spiritually uplifting place to be. Spider-Man? If it were still 2004, we’d say that you just got served, but, like, superhero-style. What’s the 2014 equivalent? Well, THAT.

+ Watch Alicia Keys’ “It’s On Again” video featuring Kendrick Lamar.

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