Beyonce Posts Up With Jay Z, Dances With Solange, Wins Coachella

Beyonce and Jay Z 1

Beyoncé and Jay Z arrived at Coachella, ready for your praise.

We just assumed Beyoncé would probably spend this past weekend working on her golf game. (Why yes, we DO spend our days anticipating Bey's every move.) But, she totally surprised us by popping up at Coachella, beginning with a couple of ***flawless couple's photos with Jay Z.

The "Partition" singer and her hubby repped that third like a couple of effing bawses. BRB, hot-gluing some sparkly gold accents to the retainer we sleep with so it looks like Beyoncé's grill...

Beyonce and Jay Z 2

Is that a "Blow" pop, Bey? Because that's the name of one of your... NVM.

We would have been fine just seeing the most in love couple ever to grace the face of the earth strolling around the festival grounds, waving at minions. But Bey being Bey, she OBVS took it to the next level by joining little sister Solange onstage for a surprise "Losing You" dance party!

Beyonce and Solange

Bey and Solange dance together on stage, and ADORBZ PREVAILS.

Their choreographed routine was so cute! It's like they were just putting on a show in their living room after Christmas dinner '92.

Speaking of fam, the Blessed Mother Tina Knowles was there, getting down in a crown. Anyone got a lozenge? Our throat is now raw after screaming "YAAAAAAAAS!" so loudly.

Solange and Tina Knowles

Now we know where the ladies got their moves. Praise mama Tina!

And that completes the tale of how Beysus won Coachella and also everything in life ever. May it be told to all future music festival attendees for years to come.



Photo credit: Beyoncé's TumblrBeyoncé's Instagram