Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ Lyric Video: 15 Pure Food Porn Moments, Including A Burger Cake

Is it possible to eat a computer screen? HALP.

Literally all of Pinterest’s most food-porniest nether regions can just GTFO right now, because Katy Perry’s new lyric video for “Birthday” has slayed the deliciousness game.

The Aya Tanimura-directed “Birthday” clip sees the Prism track’s lyrics elegantly laid out in icing, frosting, sprinkles, candles, and more over the most colorful cakes you’ve ever seen (sorry, vegans and those smart enough to cut out carbs, sugar, and/or the other things that get us out of bed in the morning.) There’s basically so much fondant per frame, that we feel like the working title for this concept was the “Cake Boss’ Wet Dream” special.

Because we love Katy Perry, Hello Kitty references, and MOTHAHF***ING CAKE, we felt morally obligated to compile the 15 most drool-worthy food porn moments from the “Birthday” lyric video. Enjoy! And please save a piece for us…

1.) “Unwrap” this gift, and get more cake. Best present ever!!!!

2.) Hello Kitty? Hello, mouth.

3.) Macarons: For all you classy sugar addicts.

4.) We were torn about wanting to eat Kitty Purry, but then we remembered CAKE.

5.) Yes, a bowl of frosting, but thank you for assuming we had more discerning taste.

6.) Please don’t tell the owner of Cake Wrecks that we’re down with these cupcakes.

7.) Literally our dream club scenario.

8.) We feel like this is what the Cake Boss sees when he meditates.

9.) OK, break time! Here, cool off with this simple, pink cake.

10.) And, we’re back! This one’s perfect for Gay Pride ALL THE DAYS EVER.

11.) As someone who’s literally eaten a bowl of sprinkles at the age of 25… APPROVED.

12.) But, like, what even is cake? This one really makes you think. Whatever. F*ck it. BURGER CAKES FOR ALL!

13.) Mmmmm, thinly veiled boob metaphors…

14.) Literally the only Rubik’s Cube we will ever solve.

15.) And, the clip’s most delicious moment of all, it’s Katy lighting the cake!

+ Watch Katy Perry’s “Birthday” lyric video.

Photo credit: Capitol

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