Boyfrndz's Bloody 'Shape Shifter' Video Is, Um... Hope You Didn't Just Eat!

Watch Boyfrndz's new video for "Shape Shifter."

If you need us, we'll be cowering under our desk.

The new video from Boyfrndz is pretty terrifying, even if we're a little confused as to what type of monster we're actually dealing with here. The song is called "Shape Shifter," which would seem to imply some sort of werewolf-ian scenario, yet the young music fan at the center of the violence has a distinctly vampire-esque dietary plan. There's also a distant, zombie-like look in her eyes? What's going on here??

You might come away with a similar feeling of confusion after listening to the genre-bending music on the Austin four-piece's recently released album, Breeder. There's a noisy psych and shoegaze foundation, but it's cut through with experimental sounds that straddle the border between ambient rock and electronic -- a disputed territory often colloquially referred to as Radiohead-istan.

Lead singer and guitarist Scott Martin isn't exactly sure how to put it either. "Honestly I don't really know what that means," he told ATX Music Mag when asked about their shoegaze roots. "I remember reading once that it was just people staring at their shoes, like pedal stompers or something. Those kind of terms evolve and turn into new things, but sure, I guess it fits."

If the shoegaze fits, as they say. But, there's actually a lot more precision going on in this track. The drums roll furiously despite the overall laid-back tone, Martin's high-pitched vocals flirt between eerie and soothing, and an upstroke guitar line chimes throughout like the beat of a heart-rate monitor in a hospital room.

Pretty fitting, considering how many hearts get ripped out in the video. Erm, enjoy?

+ Watch Boyfrndz's "Shape Shifter" video.

Photo credit: Brutal Panda Records