TyDi & Dia Frampton's 'Stay' Video: Brace For Emotional Impact

Watch tyDi's "Stay" video featuring Dia Frampton from "The Voice."

Not a weeping pile of feels? Dia and tyDi will fix that.

Along with it being Lady Gaga Day, today's a totally Feelings Friday, and there's no better way to feel all the life and romance-related feels than by vicariously living through the romantic lives of others. So, why don't we all grab a box o' Kleenex and watch Australian DJ tyDi's "Stay" video featuring "The Voice" Season 1 runner-up Dia Frampton?

The clip opens on a swoon-worthy couple, played by tyDi and Dia, filming themselves in the woods by their favorite tree. Then, the SWEETEST MARRIAGE PROPOSAL EVER takes place! (Can someone please stop chopping onions in here? Thx.)

However, the plot takes an unexpected turn, and -- without spoiling anything -- tyDi's character sets out on a mission to backpack back to the spot where he popped the question. (Damn, it's like these two just KNOW that nobody's got the time to sit through a two-hour movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel these days!)

When your eyes are finally dry and your hands are finished applauding the "Stay" video's emotional ending, we suggest you go find someone to hug. And if there's no one near you, hug your computer while pretending that it's us, because all those beautiful feels CANNOT go to waste.

+ Watch tyDi's "Stay" video featuring Dia Frampton.

 Photo credit: MTV