Neon Trees' 'I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)' Video Proves Sliming Is Legit Therapeutic

Watch Neon Trees' new video for "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)."

Neon Trees' new clip's more fun than a casual dip in the ball pit.

Maybe we're reading too much into Neon Trees' new video on account of frontman Tyler Glenn's coming out as gay in Rolling Stone earlier this week, but "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)" seems like it's working with a decent amount of symbolism.

As the video, which Glenn himself directed, opens, the "Sleeping With A Friend" singer walks out of a darkened hallway, strides across the room, and presses play on an old boom box, which changes everything from black and white to full, vibrant color. Their new album is called Pop Psychology, after all, so who are we not to engage in a little of it ourselves here?

In the Rolling Stone interview, Glenn reveals that many of the songs on Neon Trees' third studio album do, in fact, deal with his years spent in the closet. The lyrical content of "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)" definitely reflects this reading: "All this emptiness would end/ Stop pretending/ If you knew what I know/ Would you be ready to go," he sings over the soaring chorus.

The rest of the video rides along on a funky bass groove with a lot of tongue-in-cheek visual fun thrown in: dressing up in goofy costumes, swimming in an inflatable pool full of plastic balls, rolling around in a pile of stuffed animals, playing toy instruments, and engaging in some very cathartic-looking fruit-smashing and face-sliming.

"I love you, but I hate your friends," Glenn sings. Speaking of symbolism, and this could just be because we filter everything through our favorite scenes from "Girls," but is this not the perfect theme song for Adam? Someone get this onto next season's soundtrack ASAP.

+ Watch Neon Trees' "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)" video.

Photo credit: Island Def Jam