Tigers Jaw Still Singing The Saddest Songs With 'Nervous Kids'

Tigers Jaw, still sadz.

Tigers Jaw bring the #feelings with "Nervous Kids."

When we first saw Tigers Jaw back in June on tour with Pianos Become the Teeth and Dad Punchers (whose great "Tire Swing" we premiered last year), rumors swirled that it may be the Scranton band's last tour ever. Thankfully, the reports of their demise were completely wrong! In fact, they've got a new record and a (just-announced!) full U.S. tour this summer on the way. #phew

Although they've gone through some lineup changes, the band's signature sound is still present on "Nervous Kids," the first single from their forthcoming fifth album, Charmer. Imagine a combo of Get Up Kids-like organ, crunchy guitars, and twee, indie-pop hand-wringing. In case you're still not getting it, you must check out "The Sun" from Tigers Jaw's self-titled 2010 LP. Trust us.

"'Nervous Kids' is sort of a song about contrasts," Ben Walsh, the man with one of the most appealingly sad voices in the game right now, told us. "The music is upbeat, but the lyrics have a bitterness to them. It is written from the point of view of a shy, reserved person speaking about a confident, manipulative person.

"I guess the main theme would be duplicity," he continued. "There can be a huge difference between someone's actions and someone's intentions, and 'Nervous Kids' is the aftermath of that sort of situation."

The song, partially inspired by characters from the cult-classic show "Twin Peaks," was a change of pace from his usual emotional confessionals, he said. "It's one of my first attempts at writing a song from the perspective of someone else," he explained, and there are a lot of nervous kids out there who can probably relate to that.

+ Listen to Tigers Jaw's "Nervous Kids," and check out Tigers Jaw's summer tour dates.

Photo credit: Brixton Agency