Watch Le1f Throw A Retro Diner Rager In His New 'Boom' Video

Watch Le1f's new video for "Boom" off the "Hey" EP.

Le1f makes 'em all say "BOOM" in his new clip.

In Le1f's new music video for "Boom," he's seen working behind the counter of a retro diner, handling order after order from some nasty customers. Naturally, the 24-year-old New Yorker finishes his shift without any retaliation, and -- wait, sorry. Just had a stroke. What we meant to say is that he summons a bunch of DGAF energy, hops over the counter, and escapes their bad vibes to party forever.

We mean, hello. What part of "Welcome to Banjee Burger/ I cannot take your order" did those patrons not understand? But we digress...

Shot at New Jersey's White Mana diner, the Sam B. Jones-directed clip for the Hey track is another flawless bit of Y2K-teen brattitude to add to Le1f's video canon. Like the Pikachu and "Dragon Ball Z" references in "Wut" and the liters-on-liters in "Soda," the burgers, '90s Leo middle-part, and Spencer Gifts-style lasers here make us really wish that we'd been invited to one of Le1f's sleepovers in junior high.

But hey, we'd even settle for an invite to your next Jeep party, Le1f! C'mon, make our Missy Elliott in "Get Ur Freak On"-meets-Britney Spears in "Do Somethin'" dreams come true! We'll be waiting by the phone with hopes raised.

+ Watch Le1f's "Boom" video, and check out MTV Style's look-by-look breakdown.

Photo credit: Terrible Records