Jared Leto's Resemblance To Jesus Is Uncanny, TBH

Doesn't Jared Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars look like Jesus Christ?Does Jared Leto NOT look like the big J.C.?

Isn't Jared Leto's resemblance to Jesus kind of remarkable? The Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman's ombre hair basically emits a perpetual halo of light and serenity, so it's probably not a coincidence at all.

The Oscar winner shared a side-by-side photo on Instagram of his holy twinsie, captioning: "Haaaa! Fashion may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion. #ClassicLooks #FashionForward #ThanksJC #NotComparingToChrist xo" You hear that? JARED IS NOT COMPARING HIMSELF TO JESUS. No blasphemy to see here.

And speaking of uncanny resemblances, did we mention that Jared's also nominated for Best On-Screen Transformation at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards? So, pray for victory, and then get voting, Echelon!

+ Watch a clip of Jared in "Dallas Buyers Club," and vote for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards' Best On-Screen Transformation!

Photo credit: Jared Leto's Instagram