The Buzz On: Meg Myers, Whose NSFW 'Desire' Video Might Scare The Crap Out Of You

Meg Myers has an appetite for darkness in the video for "Desire."

It looks like Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" finally has an answer song. With "Desire," Meg Myers has crafted a track that challenges the dark sexuality of the 1994 classic.

"I gotta hurt you," the Los Angeles-based artist sings, and that's just one of the lighter lyrics. Later, over the palm-muted tension of electric-guitar chords, she warms up to: "I want to f*** you/ I want to feel you in my bones." You hear that rattling? That's Trent Reznor shaking in his steel-toe boots.

The Nashville-born musician dives deep into this haunted sound on her Make A Shadow EP, drawing on a NIN-style industrial churn, acoustic clatter, and a minimalism that evokes The xx.

But, there's nothing small about Myers' voice, a heavy instrument that's been compared to Alanis Morissette and Fiona Apple. Though Apple's "Criminal" video clearly inspired Myers' clip in some way, "Desire" goes a tad more supernatural, what with her floating in mid-air all horror movie-style and all.

Even though the video's super-moody (paging "The Exorcist"!), Myers says she's also into cute stuff, too: "I love animals and kids and nature and cartoons and I'm very spiritual," she told ASCAP. Sleepovers at her house must've been intense.

Myers' debut album is due later this year. In the meantime, get familiar with her video catalog. We're almost sure that after watching one of her clips, you won't receive a phone call from a terrifying voice whispering: "Seven days." Almost.

+ Watch Meg Myers' "Desire" video.

Photo credit: Ryan Brady