A Shirtless Cody Simpson Strips Down To His Calvins, Leaving Little To The Imagination, And For That We Thank Him!

Cody Simpson is so ripped, his abs have abs.

To be completely honest, we debated showing you these photos of Cody Simpson displaying his ABS-olutely perfect midsection without any accompanying words, but we have journalistic integrity! It is our job to bring you our thoughtful insight on all matters of the pop world.

So, in all professional seriousness: OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHD. Thank you, LUH-HORD, for all this guh-guh-guh-GORGEOUSNESS.

OK, putting away the caps lock. Can we talk about the dedication it takes to make your stomach look like the “All Day” singer’s? Call the crunch police, ’cause someone is getting lethal with his sit-ups. It’s like each one of those abdominal muscles is giving our diet the stink-eye!

Oh well, at least we can now die happy knowing Cody’s a boxers man. Or wait, what if those are boxer briefs?! Looks like we’ll need more photographic evidence to finalize our conclusions. C’mon, Cody, help a “researcher” out!

Photo credit: Cody Simpson’s Instagram | GIF: gifsoup.com