Austin Mahone Flips Out At His 'MTV Artist To Watch Tour' Rehearsal -- Literally!

Watch Austin Mahone literally flip at his MTV Artist To Watch Tour rehearsal. Stick that front-flip landing, bb!

As the saying goes: Out of the darkness must come light. After being postponed last fall, Austin Mahone's headlining "MTV Artist To Watch Tour" will kick off in Miami Beach on Feb. 24, and the "MMM Yeah" singer is literally flipping out, he's so excited! We can feel #feelings again! #CueTheChoir

Austin shared an Instagram video of him practicing some aerial gymnastics during a tour rehearsal, and, by the look of his wicked acrobatics, that blood clot has been given its walking papers. (Because clots can walk, DUH. Pffft, we totally took Bio 101.) If Austin's perfect landing doesn't make you flip out, then we're officially giving up wordplay forever!

That's not all you have to freak over, though. The tour's got an INSANE supporting lineup of Becky G, Midnight Red, and W3 The Future. Want some news that will make you flip out again, Mahomies? Austin's tour dates and tickets are available here -- but remember, leave the aerial trickery to the professionals. We don't want anyone getting hurt! #MomVoice

+ Watch Austin Mahone's "MTV Artist To Watch Tour" rehearsal video.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram