Jessica Simpson Continues To Bless The World With Her Enduring Hotness

Jessica Simpson looks STUNNING in her new weight watchers ads.

Is this present-day Jessica or "Dukes Of Hazard" Jessica? WE CAN'T TELL.

Seeing Jessica Simpson's new ads for Weight Watchers is a little like waking up from an epic nap. You're like: "Hey, what year is it? I can't tell based on this photo I'm looking at because everything looks the same as when I fell asleep back in 2005."

Jessica Simpson looks STUNNING in her new weight watchers ads.

We think that the "Come On Over" singer always looks AMAZING no matter what her body size is. (And remember, this Fertile Myrtle had two EPIC pregnancies -- BACK TO BACK -- and looked more gorgeous with each one.)

But, this new "lovin' me" 'tude Jess is giving us in the Weight Watchers commercial has truly inspired us... to consider changing out of our pajama jeans and into actual jeans and walking to get lunch instead of Seamless-ing that ish. #progress

So, let's usher in the era of YAAAS-ica Simpson, y'all! We'll kick it off by sitting here, enjoying a chocolate-glazed donut as we await some new family holiday portraits, because we know she'll be lookin' just as fine then as she does now. Or next year. Or in 2020. Time just seems to stand more still for some people.

+ Watch Jessica Simpson's "This Body" Weight Watchers commercial.

 Photo credit: Kristin Burns