The Video For Tegan & Sara’s ‘Lego Movie’ Collab With The Lonely Island Is, Um, Awesome

Things that are awesome: figs, jigs, twigs, this “Lego Movie” collab.

As cultured as we are ’round these parts when it comes to #LeCinema, we wonder if it’s too late to petition the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences to nominate “The Lego Movie” for ALL OF THE OSCARS? (Except for Best Supporting Actress, because GO, LUPITA NYONG’O, GO!)

Probably not, but at least there’s this consolation prize: the video for “Everything Is Awesome,” Tegan & Sara’s soundtrack collaboration with The Lonely Island.

Along with scenes taken from the movie, the clip’s filled with super-D.I.Y. stop-motion segments that look like something you made on your camcorder when you were little. That’s actually not too far off the mark, as an actual six year old named Markus Jolly helped out with the video.

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to see what Tegan & Sara or Andy Samberg and his boys look like in Lego form — or feel like frogs, clogs, figs, jigs, and books of Greek antiquities have yet to get their awesomeness recognized — you’ll love it.

+ Watch Tegan & Sara’s “Everything Is Awesome” video featuring The Lonely Island.

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