Album Premiere: Listen To We Are The In Crowd's 'Weird Kids' + Taylor Jardine Gives Us An Inside Look At Each Track

Album premiere: Listen to We Are The In Crowd's "Weird Kids," and hear Taylor Jardine's thoughts on every track.

Exclusive! Stream WATIC's entire second studio album a week before its release date.

Although We Are The In Crowd don't drop Weird Kids, until Feb. 18, don't worry because we've got your hook-up! Right now, you can stream their entire second studio album at -- that is, if you can handle the Poughkeepsie pop-punk paradise they're laying down. (Oop, alliteration quota met.)

It's been a few years since the band -- Taylor Jardine, Jordan Eckes, Cameron Hurley, Mike Ferri, and Rob Chianelli -- released their debut LP, but you'd be a fool to think that they'd said their piece by Best Intentions' end.

The tracks this time around like "Long Live The Kids," "Windows In Heaven," and "The Best Thing (That Never Happened)" range from cathartic to anthemic, and constantly toe the line between mellow and adrenaline-pumping.

But, just to make sure you don't miss any of the nuances on the LP, here's WATIC's lead vocalist, Taylor Jardine -- aka one of Buzzworthy's 15 Fresh Females Who Will Rule Pop In 2014 -- to break down the meanings behind every song on the Weird Kids tracklist. (Don't worry -- we told her you said hi.)

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Album premiere: Listen to We Are The In Crowd's "Weird Kids," and hear Taylor Jardine's thoughts on every track.

1.) "Long Live The Kids"

Taylor Jardine: "Long Live The Kids" was inspired by our lifestyles growing up. I lived -- and still do live -- in a small town, and it was hard to see opportunity growing up. But, it is possible if you stay determined and hold on to your dream. It's that mentality that keeps me going.

2.) "The Best Thing (That Never Happened)"

TJ: "The Best Thing" is one of my favorite songs on the record. It's very catchy and upbeat, and we had a lot of fun with it lyrically. Definitely one of my favorites to play live.

3.) "Manners"

TJ: "Manners" has one of my favorite melodies on the record. I also like the vocal dynamic in this song because Jordan's voice acts in a supporting role to mine -- like how our band supports one another.

4.) "Come Back Home"

TJ: In "Come Back Home," we about that post-breakup period when you've begun to move on but realize how different the person you were with is now. You see them in pictures with people you thought they'd never get along with. You wish they'd come back and be who you know they can be.

5.) "Attention"

TJ: "Attention" was inspired by our band dynamic and our fans. The five of us have lived together on the road for years. Learning about each other and how to work together -- that may seem like a simple thing to do, but it's really a lot of work. Together, we've faced obstacles that we could have never jumped alone.

6.) "Dreaming Out Loud"

TJ: Ever go on vacation and forget your camera -- that feeling like you'll never remember where you were or what you did in those moments? Sometimes it feels like that on tour. "Dreaming Out Loud" is about the bittersweet reality of what we do and how fortunate we are to be able to play night after night to new faces.

7.) "Remember (To Forget You)"

TJ: "Remember (To Forget You)" is about reminding yourself to move forward after a breakup. I think everyone gets trapped in those places in our heads that we foolishly rent out to other people. Lessons learned.

8.) "Don't You Worry"

TJ: I think this has one of the most powerful choruses on the record. "Don't you Worry" is a song about what my older sister had been going through during a really rough point in her life when we were a bit younger and how I always tried to help her through it. Thankfully, she's is a really good place in her life now.

9.) "Windows In Heaven"

TJ: In "Windows In Heaven," I had the chance to address how it felt to move on after my dad had passed -- and the curiosity that was left in me. This song reminds me of the kind of person he was. I hope that others who have gone through similar situations can relate to this song.

10.) "Reflections"

TJ: "Reflections" is a song about self-evaluation and marching to your own drum. I really like the point of view in this song -- it's as if I was singing to myself.

+ Listen to We Are The In Crowd's Weird Kids at

Album premiere: Listen to We Are The In Crowd's "Weird Kids," and hear Taylor Jardine's thoughts on every track.

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