9 Swaggiest Moments in Justin Bieber’s ‘Confident’ Video Featuring Chance The Rapper

Justin’s swag-o-meter is OFF THE DAMN CHARTS right now! BRB, taking a cold shower.

Even with all #SADZ legal trouble happening right now, we find it hard to believe that there’s a single gal in this world who wouldn’t give Justin Bieber her number if he asked for it. But, it’s exactly that bizarre scenario that goes down in Justin’s new “Confident” video featuring Chance The Rapper.

At the top of the Colin Tilley-directed clip, we see Justin, who spies a super-hot blonde — aka Cailin Russo, the hot babe from JB’s “All That Matters” video. He follow her into a convenience store, where they exchange some witty banter ROUGH pick-up lines about snacks. Then, Justin asks for her number, a request she politely refuses.


Next up, this chick whizzes off in a motorcycle — because public transportation wouldn’t have provided the same dramz, #amirite? Justin tracks her down to a local club, and, after much persuading, they finally kiss! Guess she changed her mind! Who could resist?

We won’t spoil the ending for you, but suffice it to say that Justin Bieber is JUSTIN EFFING BIEBER. Bro gets what he wants. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you check out Justin’s swaggiest, sexiest moments from the “Confident” video below.

1.) When Justin goes old-school and makes the “phone” gesture while trying to get a girl’s digits. 

2.) When Justin makes this face, for no other reason than to show off the return of his ’stache.

3.) When Justin finds the strength to rage, even though he CLEARLY has a migraine. 

4.) When Justin flexes his “I’m a damn celeb” muscles and tells the bouncer which girl he’s after. 

5.) When Justin does his best “Taylor Swift Is Surprised” face after FINALLY spotting his girl at the clurrb. 

6.) When Justin momentarily swaps swag for romance and goes in for an adorable nose-kiss!  

7.) When Justin finds his balls finally works up the courage to go in for a kiss-kiss.

8.) When Justin magically curates the most wonderfully golden lighting scheme for the second kiss. 

9.) When Justin finally closes the deal and takes his girl home. #swag

+ Watch Justin Bieber’s “Confident” video featuring Chance The Rapper.

Photo credit: RCA Records

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