Rihanna Mugs It Up With… The Cast Of ‘Full House’?!

Did you guys know about RiRi’s “Full House” connections?!

Not sure who the booking genius was who decided to put Rihanna and a bunch of former “Full House” castmembers on “Good Morning America” this morning, but honestly? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We owe you BIG TIME.

Like, the thrill of seeing John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget — aka Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, and Danny Tanner — reunited again on the small screen is enough to send us over the edge permanently. (That upcoming Dannon Oikos commercial? CAN’T WAIT.) Throw a goofy Rihanna x “Full House” selfie into the mix, and we’re just like, BYE! Dead FOREVER!

Stare at this pic for days? You got it, dude.

Even though we’re obvs dying to talk about the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” singer’s impeccable suiting choice, we’re way too distracted by John Stamos, who is aging like a fine-ass wine. #ComeHereRudeBoy #No? #HowRude #BadGalBuzzworthy

Speaking of which, wouldn’t he and Rihanna make such a sexy yet totally weird and unexpected couple?! Or, maybe we’re just projecting since John Stamos was the first man we ever crushed on. When we were, like, six. CONFUSING!

Photo credit: @GMA

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