Adam Lambert Serves Carmen Sandiego En Bleu Realness

Is this Adam Lambert or a very blue, glammed-out version of Carmen Sandiego?

Where in the world is our kindergarten-aged self?!?!

Anyone else getting some major Carmen Sandiego vibes from this Instagram photo of Adam Lambert in a shiny blue suit and wide-brim hat? You know, that EPIC computer game-turned-PBS game show? You guys are seeing this, RIGHT?!?!

It's funny. We never would've expected to see the  "Never Close Our Eyes" singer paying homage to the elusive globe-trotter while out at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont, but it kinda makes sense. I mean, "Where in the world is Adam Lambert?" definitely crosses our minds, like, 17-bazillion times a day.

Besides, Adam probably agrees with us that the show was sooo insanely good that it deserves a 2014 comeback! Imagine: We'll be having geography panic attacks and fangirling over the show's in-house singing group, Rockapella, in no time.

WAIT! If we're actually gonna go through with this remake, how about we just skip Rockapella entirely and get Adam to do all the singing!!!! "GLAMAPELLA" totally has WAY better ring to it.

Photo credit: Adam Lambert's Instagram, Wikipedia