Miley Cyrus Completely Stans At Britney Spears’ Vegas Show: The Instagrams You Need To See!

This is a story about a girl named Miley.

There’s almost nothing we love more than witnessing our celebrity faves Stan their famous faces off for other famous faces. (Remember when Beyoncé’s surprise fifth album came out, and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry lost it? YEP, THAT.)

That’s why we’re ob-SESSED with these Instagram photos and videos capturing Miley Cyrus flying her Britney Spears fan army flag on high from the front row of “Britney: Piece Of Me.”

Miley was the living embodiment of the collective dreams of the Britney Army. And now, let’s all take a few minutes to relive it, starting with Miley’s pre-Britney selfie up top.

Not to overlook the flawless In The Zone-level eye contact (#praise), but do you notice the …Baby One More Time-era print on the “Adore You” singer’s Britney backpack? BRB, scouring Etsy, BAI.

We’re getting some serious “Notice me! Take my hand!” vibes off this pic.

Fast-forward a few hours, and we arrive at the front row of Britney’s “Piece Of Me” Vegas residency. Can you believe how close the “Wrecking Ball” singer was to her kween?

Honestly, it looks like not even Miley could believe it, based on how completely hypnotized she looks right here. It’s OK, Miley bb! Just breathe heavy, and count to 1-2-3…

Yes, Miley, there is a Godney.

Phew! Looks like Ms. Cyrus recovered, and was able to continue Stanning at full capacity.

(Side note, though: There is, in fact, a brilliant, heavenly light emanating from our “Brightest Morning Star,” is there not? To quote the prophet: “I must confess, I still believe.”)

Brit won’t stop till you breathe heavy.

In sum, Miley Cyrus had the greatest weekend that any soldier in the Britney Army could ever hope to experience. I mean, she even needed her inhaler after the Stan-fest was over!

Sure, Miley told Twitter that her inhaler photo was related to an “obnoxious cough.” But, girl. We all saw you basically outpacing the backup dancers during “Till The World Ends” on Friday night. We’d need an assist, too.

+ Watch Miley Cyrus dance along to “Till The World Ends” in the front row, and check out photos of Britney’s “Piece Of Me” opening night.

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