Lady Gaga Decks Her Head With Pounds Of White Dreadlocks At The Jingle Bell Ball (VIDEOS)

The dread pirate, Mother Monster.

’Tis the season to be jolly, and for a singing Styrofoam wig head enchanted to life by the wizardry of Elton John like Lady Gaga, that means pairing unbuttoned Versace couture with an approximately 187-pound wig full of white dreadlocks. Fa la la la laaaaa, la la la LAAAAAA.

The look, which Gaga rocked on the red carpet for U.K. radio station Capital FM’s annual Jingle Bell Ball, was far from the only eye-popping ensemble the “Venus” singer wore while across the pond. During the past weekend alone, Lady Gaga wore ass-less orange chaps, a Christmas tree headpiece, and an iPad wedding dress — or as we like to call it, an “iDo.” *immediately booed off the stage*

Now, you know that we’re totally not the types to be all “SHE STOLE IT” whenever we see two pop divas creeping eerily close to a doppel status. But, are we the only ones getting a Kerli vibe off of this white-haired aesthetic? Except more severe, you know? Like the Estonian artist’s evolved Pokemon form? The Raichu to Kerli’s Pikachu, if you will.

Gotta catch my drift, gotta catch my drift.

Watch Lady Gaga perform “Do What U Want,” “The Christmas Song,” and “Applause” at The Jingle Bell Ball after the jump.

Our Lady of ARTPOP wasn’t just there to look cool, though. Later in the evening, she brought down the stadium-size Jingle Bell Ball with her high-energy set, which included “Applause,” “Do What U Want,” “Aura,” “Poker Face,” “Just Dance,” “Born This Way,” “Bad Romance,” and even the holiday standard, “The Christmas Song.” What, no love for “Christmas Tree”??

+ Watch Lady Gaga perform “Do What U Want,” “The Christmas Song,” and “Applause” at The Jingle Bell Ball.

Photo credit: Capital FM, Getty Images

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