Now That Rebecca Black's Conquered 'Friday' And 'Saturday,' Which Day Of The Week Will She Tackle Next? (VIDEO)

Watch Rebecca Black's new video for "Saturday."

Sunday? Tuesday? RB's comin' for ya!

Because "Friday" is so 2011, Rebecca Black has used her comeback video for "Saturday" to set everyone straight on which day of the week truly rules.

Teaming up with musician and YouTube personality Dave Days, the young viral video star wanders through the aftermath of #LastNightsParty, meets up with friends on the beach, sets off some fireworks, and hits up the next house rager. Basically, it's a little bit of "Tik Tok" mixed with a dash of "Just Dance" and a sprinkling of "Last Friday Night" (to taste), all baked at 375 degrees for 4 minutes and smothered with a sugary glaze of FUN FUN FUN FUN.

Watch Rebecca Black's new video for "Saturday."

Watching the clip, though, we couldn't help but wonder which day is next on the 16-year-old Cali native's agenda. Now that she's covered Friday and Saturday, do you think RB's gonna see us through the remaining, less fun five days of the week? To help get her started, here are some possible lyrics she could use as a jumping-off point. (Helloooooo, songwriter credit royalties!)


"Kickin' in the front pew/ Sittin' in the back pew/ Gotta make my mind up/ Which pew can I take?"


"7:45 we're rollin' in the bus lane/ Cruisin' so slow in this yellow thang/ MON, MON, THINK ABOUT MON-/ -day, it's the worst day"


"It's Tuesday, Tuesday/ Gotta eat food on Tuesday/ 'Cause everybody gotta eat food/ All days, every day"

Watch Rebecca Black's "Saturday" video after the jump.


"Yesterday was Tuesday/ Today it is Wednesday/ We, we, we so -ednesday/ We so -ednesday/ That is the name of today"


"Today isn't very fun, at least not now/ Gotta wait till I can roll out/ To the bars with all my -- HEY!/ I see my frayynds!"

+ Watch Rebecca Black's "Saturday" video.

Photo credit: Relica Music Group / GIF: Tumblr's stfuantichoicers