Video Premiere: Punk Rock Troupe The Swellers Tackle Social Anxiety In 'Got Social'

Watch The Swellers' "Got Social" video.

A lonely partygoer fights to fit in in The Swellers' "Got Social" video.

Social anxiety: Where to start? It's that awful feeling of arriving at a party where you only know the host -- or worse, no one at all. What do you do when everyone's having the time of their life (i.e., making out next to you), and you're stuck there twiddling your thumbs hoping someone will approach you?

Michigan punk outfit The Swellers have the answer in their new "Got Social" video: The key to making friends at a party is lighting some fireworks on the front lawn! (...Or is it?)

Watch The Swellers' "Got Social" video after the jump.

Strongly resembling Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" video (you know, that clip where everyone's undressed, and there's one guy who's fully clothed), "Got Social" takes place at your typical house party. People are drinking, schmoozing, and making out, and The Swellers are even the house band (!).

But somebody's not having much fun. Sitting uncomfortably on the couch, the video's protagonist looks fully awkward and uncomfortable. As time goes by and no one talks to him (Is he a ghost, or what? Is this this is a ~METAPHOR~ for how everyone feels at parties?), our hero wanders into the garage, finds some fireworks, and -- BOOM! -- puts on a firework display on the front yard. Everybody exits the house to see! Hurray! Lonely boy has FRIENDS!

Except... not. Nobody showed up to see the fireworks. Like we were saying... METAPHORS. Everybody feels this way now and then. (Just saying, my best friend is named Netflix, and he never ignores me.)

+ Watch The Swellers' "Got Social" video.

Photo credit: No Sleep Records