Video Premiere: Allison Weiss Tells An Inspirational Story With A Single Take In Her 'Wait For Me' Clip

Watch Allison Weiss' "Wait For Me" video.

Allison Weiss touches every heart in the room in her "Wait For Me" video.

Sensitive indie songstress Allison Weiss has quite a story to tell in her new "Wait For Me" video, and, just a warning, you might want to have a box of tissues ready.

In her low-budget but highly effective clip, Allison, who doesn't appear, illustrates a touching story about a young French-Canadian mother who's away from her daughter and fiancé to go to college in the States. Yeah, like we were saying... tissues.

Watch Allison Weiss' "Wait For Me" video after the jump.

Directed by Trevor Bowman, "Wait For Me" is shot in a single take and features a French-Canadian woman listening to Allison's song with headphones. As "Wait For Me" plays, we find out that the woman, who is named Josee, has a daughter named Lily and is engaged to a man named Jean-Francois. Josee is away from her family, studying abroad in Connecticut on a college scholarship.

Why so far away? Well, since she had Lily at age 19, Josee had to work for a living and never had the chance to go to college. As the gentle "Wait For Me" chords sound in the background, Josee stares out the window and looks more and more like she might break down into tears.

"We approached Trevor Bowman about making a video for this song," said Allison of the way "Wait For Me" came to fruition. "Instead of sending back an idea, he sent us this. Apparently he just happened to be visiting a friend who happened to be experiencing something very specific in her life at that moment, so he gave her a pair of headphones and filmed her listening to the song for the first time. It couldn't be more perfect. The timing, the story... everything. The video feels the way I felt when I wrote the song."

Excuse me, that's my cue to go watch "The Notebook" and sob into a pillow. And hug my boyfriend. Who I'm sure will have no problem with my watching "The Notebook."

+ Watch Allison Weiss' "Wait For Me" video.

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez