Electro-Pop Duo Carousel Create A Synth-Filled Dance Paradise On 'Into The Night'


L.A. duo Carousel give it all the synth they've got on "Into The Night."

You know me -- I can't resist a good '80s-influenced, synthpop track. Heck, I can't resist a straight-up '80s synthpop track (think: early Robert Palmer, a-ha, OMD, Erasure, New Order, etc).

And if you're anything like me, you'd do well to listen to Berklee College Of Music alums Carousel, aka Los Angeles' Jackson Phillips and Kevin Friedman, aka two bros with an uncanny gift for sparkling, dance-your-butt-off synth/electro-pop.

Releasing a smattering of tracks since 2011 (examples include "Before You," "Stay Awake," and for the love of Robert Moog, listen to their "Dancing On My Own" cover), Jackson and Friedman have just debuted their latest track, "Into The Night," via Billboard.

Listen to Carousel's "Into The Night" after the jump.

Kicking off with a soft-to-loud, synth-filled intro, the ultra-rhythmic "Into The Night" doesn't waste any time getting dancey. In fact, Carousel's track sounds like the perfect song to literally go "into the night" with: The song's shimmering, hooky synths sound like the audio equivalent of twinkling stars overhead, and its fast-paced minor chords make me want to do a "Sixteen Candles" '80s shuffle long, well, "into the night."

Get more Carousel on their Palms EP, and look out for "Into The Night" with the upcoming release of their sophomore EP, out in early 2014.

+ Listen to Carousel's "Into The Night."

Photo credit: Carousel