Watch Austin Mahone Perform 'Banga Banga' At The 2013 MTV EMA Kickoff! (VIDEO)

Watch Austin Mahone perform "Banga Banga" at the EMA kickoff.


BANGA BANGA BANGA BANGA. Oh, whoops, sorry, I didn't see you there! I was just busy running around my house singing Austin Mahone's new jam before, during, and after he performed it at the 2013 MTV EMA kickoff party in NYC.

Now, you might say, Rachel, wouldn't you look a little unhinged yelling "BANGA BANGA BANGA BANGA" in an empty house? And to that I say, "You clearly don't understand the power of Austin Mahone."

Watch Austin Mahone perform "Banga Banga" at the 2013 MTV EMA kickoff after the jump.

Performing "Banga Banga" RIGHT AFTER winning the fan-voted Artist On The Rise EMA, Austin came bursting on to NYC's Intrepid stage. Decked out in a sick leather jacket and busting out some killer dance moves, Austin belted out the words to what might be his most energetic single to date: "You’re a banga banga banga banga banga/ I wanna pledge a bet/ Before the night is over/ Girl, I’m gonna make it that/ So, promise if I make you mine."

Soooo, I ask you again, is it any wonder that we're practically bouncing off the walls with "Banga" fever over here??

Watch Austin's performance below, and please join me in some more BANGA BANGA BANGA BANGA BANGA.

+ Watch Austin Mahone perform "Banga Banga" at the 2013 MTV EMA Kickoff.

Photo credit: Getty Images