Retell One Direction's 'Story Of My Life' Video… In GIFs!

Watch One Direction's "Story Of My Life" video.

What's better than childhood photos of One Direction? Childhood photos... made into GIFs!

How much closer do you feel to One Direction right now? Because after watching their just-released tearjerker of a video for "Story Of My Life" (which frankly sounds like a sonic move in the "Mumford & Sons" direction -- i.e., APPROVE), we can say with absolute certainty that we feel 10 times more intimate with the British bros. Like, in the "your mom just showed me an entire bookcase worth of family albums" kinda way. #FineWithIt

Over the course of the guys' new clip, which is directed by Ben Winston and looks like it was filmed in a friggin' 1D museum (curators of the world: MAKE THIS HAPPEN), Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis hang out in the darkroom developing childhood photos, gaze at said childhood photos with nostalgia, then reenact those photos in adult form with their families.

We've got Zayn hanging in his childhood room with his IRL sister, Harry EATING A BOWL OF SAUSAGES with his mum, Liam posing in formal wear with his sisters, and Niall playing violin with his brother, among other images. In all, it's the visual equivalent to being smacked upside the head with more "OMAHGERD AW" than your tear ducts can possibly handle. Consider yourself warned.

Anyway, you know what this means, right? Yep! It's time to retell One Direction's childhood story… in GIFS!

...And if you need us, we'll be scooping up what's left of our melted hearts off the floor and crying in the fetal position with a bowl of ice cream.





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+ Watch One Direction's "Story Of My Life" video.

GIFs: T.Kyle