Joey Bada$$ Trades In Brooklyn For The Caribbean, Successfully Pulls Off A Floral Shirt His 'My Yout' Video

Watch Joey Bada$$'s new video for "My Yout."

Bummed we missed the flight.

Videos are essentially advertisements for songs, right? And, while this new video for Joey Bada$$'s 'My Yout' certainly works on that level, it's also kind of doing an even better job as vacation inspiration. Who directed this thing, St. Lucia's minister of tourism?

Bada$$ brings his Brooklyn flavor to the tiny Caribbean island, and the results are a contrast of styles and imagery that make us want to get up and move in more ways than one.

Watch Joey Bada$$'s "My Yout" video after the jump.

Bada$$, who has family routes in the Caribbean himself, makes the most of his time on the island, jet-skiing, riding in a dune buggy on the beach, and taking in the gorgeous, jungle-covered mountain vistas.

Of course, like any island, there's a underside to the more perfect-seeming tourist destinations, and we take a trip through the everyday scenes of island life here as well, from the city streets to the soccer fields and busy harbors.

The song, from the rapper's recent mixtape, Summer Nights, is a reggae-inflected track complete with upstroke guitar and airhorn blasts that have the MTV Artist to Watch in a contemplative mode. "I'm thinking to myself what if I handed it back?" he asks. "But I gotta hand it to myself. I'm handling rap."

No argument there. Now what time does the next boat leave?

+ Watch Joey Bada$$'s "My Yout" video.

Photo credit: Cinematic Music Group, Pro Era Records