Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Has Already Dressed Up As A Genie AND A Vampire, And It's Not Even Halloween Yet (PHOTOS)

Adam Lambert dressed up as a genie for Halloween.

We've always wished that Adam would be a genie for Halloween! #FlawlessWordplay

Generally speaking, we'd be wary of anything Adam Lambert might wear that could alter his flawlessness beyond recognition, but we'll make an exception when it's Halloween. Why? Because the "Let's Dance" singer doesn't just toss on a mask or slip on a "Sexy Hulk Hogan" costume. Instead, he DOMINATES the holiday with two EPICALLY spooky looks.

For example, check out the above photo Adam posted on Instagram, which depicts the "Lay Me Down" singer dressed up as a genie at an L.A. event on Friday. Don't the aqua-colored face paint and full-body bedazzling only increase Adam's heart-stopping red carpet grin? Yes. The answer is yes. (Sidenote: Anybody else getting a major Jambi from "Pee-wee's Playhouse" vibe from this pic? #MeccaLeccaHiMeccaHineyHo)

Check out Adam Lambert's Halloween costumes

 Check out Adam Lambert's "leather vamp" Halloween costume after the jump.

Check out Adam Lambert's Halloween costumes.

The Glampire returns!

Later, Adam shared ANOTHER spooky costume on Instagram: a "leather vamp" ensemble that he wore last night a Halloween event in Hollywood. Yes, we agree, it's #SADZ that he covered up his beautiful azure eyes with those unsettling contacts. But, as we stare into those hypnotizing red irises, we suddenly find ourselves spirited away into a vision of the future, where Adam proposes in Paris over a box of Ladurée macarons -- so, you know, not mad!

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