Driver Friendly Put A Poppier Spin On The Wonder Years' Emo Anthem 'There, There'


Driver Friendly offer their poppier take on The Wonder Years' "There, There."

Covering songs is a grand old tradition in the pop-punk/emo world. The Get Up Kids covered everything from The Cure's "Close To Me" to Blur's "Girls And Boys," and, heck, pop-punk stalwarts New Found Glory even dedicated two whole albums to cover songs on 2000's From The Screen To Your Stereo and 2007's From The Screen To Your Stereo Part II.

And now, continuing their genre's time-honored custom is Hopeless Records bros Driver Friendly tackling The Wonder Years' "There, There," from the latter band's 2013 release, The Greatest Generation.

Listen to Driver Friendly's "There, There" after the jump.

With its winding guitar notes, high-pitched sing-scream vocals, and self-deprecating phrases like "I'm awkward and nervous" and "I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right times," The Wonder Years' "There, There" could easily become one of the greatest shout-along emo tracks of this decade.

That said, it's nice to hear a poppier take from Driver Friendly, who imbue "There, There" with bouncy keyboard notes, a quickened pace, plinking, twinkling synths, and slightly more nasal vocals. If this were a high school parable, Driver Friendly's "There, There" sounds like the skinny, indie-leaning band geeks trading places with the dudes who spend all of first period smoking cigs in the parking lot.

High school class system aside, it sounds like both bands -- Driver Friendly and The Wonder Years -- have plenty to feel awkward and nervous about, though they clearly express it differently. End of story? Get ready to scream this anthem out at not one, but TWO live sets. Both will feel equally satisfying.

+ Listen to Driver Friendly's "There, There" cover.

Photo credit: Hopeless Records