Oh My God, Perrie Edwards, That's Not What Feminism Means

No offense, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, but we need to have a quick chat about feminism.

Will everyone who thinks that feminism means hating men PUH-LEEZ pay attention? Thx.

Upon scanning The Daily Telegraph of Australia as we do every day (PROVE WE DON'T), we here at Buzzworthy were thuh-rilled to see the word "feminism" appear in a brief interview with British girl group Little Mix -- and then we read the rest of the article.

The "X Factor" U.K. alums' resident powerhouse, Perrie Edwards, is quoted as stating: "I wouldn't say we're feminists... we don't hate our men... We're just very passionate about girls sticking together and the sisterhood of things." And a one, and a two, and a *HEEEEEEADDEEEEEEEESK*

Perrie Edwards just made us seriously HEADDESK with her feminism comments.

Learn why FEMINISM DOES NOT MEAN HATING MEN, and watch Kathleen Hanna and Grimes discuss feminism after the jump.

That's just... that's not what feminism means. Feminism can mean many, many different things to many, many different people, but at its most basic form, it is an ideology founded on the importance of equality between women and men. That's it. Point blank. EVERYONE WINS.

How feminism is expressed is as myriad as there are people in the world, however, and it can range from striving for social and economic equality between the sexes to fighting for autonomy over one's own body. Throw in some intersectional identity politics of race, gender, class, disability, sexuality, and more, and you'll soon see that FEMINISM LITERALLY MEANS SO MANY THINGS! But outside of the occasional ironic shock value misandry found on Tumblr, feminism does not equate to hating men.

It's not like this is the first time that we've heard one of our pop music faves get the other-other "F" word so vastly wrong. Remember when Taylor Swift implied that self-identifying as a feminist meant viewing the world as "guys versus girls" in a 2012 interview with The Daily Beast? Or, how about when Lady Gaga told a reporter that she's not a feminist because she loves men?

That's really what we're taking issue with here. We're not mad at Perrie or the rest of her awesome band of "Move"-singing ladies. Nobody came out of the womb brandishing the Cohambee River Collective Statement and a copy of Bikini Kill's self-titled EP. What bums us out is that time and again, powerful young women with a platform so publicly avoid identifying with a label that has, at least in part, given them that platform in the first place

Sure, these women are flawless, otherwordly goddesses who float above the mortal dirt upon which we tread. But, their ignorance of what feminism is -- aside from "something I don't want people to associate with me" -- has gotta be indicative of the general youth populace at large. Hence all the headdesk.

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