If This Photo Is Any Indication, Ariana Grande's 'Right There' Video Will Be A Victorian-Era Party + Princess Dresses!

Ariana Grande reveals yet another still from her forthcoming "Right There" video.

Oh, just Ariana fanning her greatness on the set of her "Right There" video.

Don't be fooled by her ponytail, love of floral dresses, adorable pillow fights, and predilection for masks in the shape of her dog. Ariana Grande is actually a massive, MASSIVE tease!

About three weeks ago, she posted a juicy-looking photo from the clearly Victorian era-themed set of her "Right There" video shoot (and, um, hello princess dress).

Now, as is indicated by the above Instagram of Ariana fanning herself/channeling Christina Aguilera on "The Voice," THE TEASE JUST WON'T STOP! And here we thought that girls who commissioned custom-made sparkle dresses were always nice.

For another thing, we know "Right There" features a cameo from Big Sean, so clearly we didn't expect to see teaser photos of "Phantom Of The Opera"-style masks, fluffy pink fans, and epic ball gowns. Then again, how hard would you lose it if Big Sean casually waltzed out in a costume reminiscent of Cinderella's Prince Charming to spit his blazing "Right There" verse?

On the other hand, we suspect that any "Big Sean as Ariana's knight in shining armor" role play scenarios miiiight piss off Ariana's new man, Nathan Sykes. After all, the lovey-dovey couple did fall in love on a video set, now didn't they?! Just saying!

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram