Even Ariana Grande's Pillow Fights Look Dainty And Graceful! (PHOTOS)

Ariana Grande stages an adorable pillow fight in London

Ariana Grande has the daintiest pillow fight ever. And we are #NotSurprised.

Fact: It's anything but easy to look lovely and dainty in the middle of a pillow fight. You're getting your aggression out, soft-ish things are hitting you hard-ish in the face, and you're probably also mid-shriek. But Ariana Grande? Even while getting side-clobbered by a pillow, the girl still manages to look lovely, sweet, skinny, dainty, and amazing! In sum: IT'S NOT FAIR.

Check out more photos of Ariana's adorable pillow fight after the jump.

In between having a U.K. canoodle-fest with her new boyfriend, The Wanted's Nathan Sykes (did we mention the fairness thing?), the "Baby I" singer and her pals decided to get a little rowdy in bed!

Ariana Grande stages an adorable pillow fight in London

Props to Ariana for looking THAT pretty during a pillow fight!

Hey, get yo' minds out the DAMN GUTTER! Before "ArianaIsCheatingOnNathan" starts trending on Twitter, we'll clarify that by "rowdy," we mean "documenting an epic pillow fight via black-and-white Instagram filters."

Along with her black-and-white photo montage, Ariana captioned: "#thecrew pillow fight #london."

Truth be told, we're not quite sure what kind of "aggression" Ari reallllly needs to channel when, to be clear. Her life seems impeccable. She's got a famous boyf, an adorable dog, a No. 1 album, and, presumably, the same amount of custom-made floral and sparkle dresses as Taylor Swift has gold dresses! Happiest life in all the land? Survey says yes.

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram