Video Premiere: William Beckett Tells A 1960s Love Story In His 'By Your Side' Lyric Video

Watch William Beckett's "By Your Side" lyric video.

William Beckett soundtracks a '60s meet-cute scenario in his "By Your Side" lyric video.

Don't be distracted by William Beckett's pouty lips and perfect side part. (OK, be a little distracted.) This Chicago-based singer-songwriter, formerly of pop-punk collective The Academy Is..., is a pop powerhouse in his own right, and even something of a '90s nostalgist (see: his "Benny & Joon" video).

And speaking of history, Beckett jumps back a few decades in his just-dropped lyric video for "By Your Side," which, filmed in an Instagram-like filter, is a vintage love letter to 1960s New York City.

Watch William Beckett's "By Your Side" lyric video after the jump.

Featured on Beckett's recently released Genuine & Counterfeit album, "By Your Side"'s lyric video is filmed like a '60s home movie and focuses on a young, adoring couple as they frolic through NYC.

Set to Beckett's orchestral, banjo-led ballad, the couple separately go about their day, trying on period-appropriate outfits (hey, Beatles shag haircut!), buying some fruit, watering the flowers... You know, nothing you haven't already seen on "Mad Men."

But there's a larger plan at work here: Eventually, our two protagonists have a meet-cute over coffee, and before you can say "that's a gas!" the couple's bike riding through the city, playing catch in the park, gazing into each other's eyes over dinner, hanging out at a Village party, and strolling through Washington Square. It's all so cute, that we're honestly trembling in our go-go boots and playing Nico's "I'll Be Your Mirror" on repeat.

+ Watch William Beckett's "By Your Side" lyric video.

Photo credit: Ryan Russell