Watch The Griswolds Rock The Best Music Festival Ever In Their Rollicking 'Mississippi' Video

Watch The Griswolds' "Mississipi" video.

The Griswolds soundtrack a killer music fest in their "Mississippi" video.

Ever wonder what a music festival looks like from the perspective of an Australian indie-pop band… on acid? The Griswolds answer that question in their trippy video for "Mississippi," which captures all the face paint, dancing, make-out sessions, and color-powder explosions we'd expect from the best music fest weekend ever.

Watch The Griswolds' "Mississippi" video after the jump.

The band, presumably named after our favorite Christmas movie family (#nodisrespecttotinytim), gets in on the goofiness, with members wearing a Tigger costume onstage along with a top-hat, a patriotic headband, and animal face paint. FYI, fellas: We saw 3OH!3 rocking Winnie-the-Pooh at Bamboozle Left back in 2008. Might want to update to SpongeBob.

The video's definitely the right fit for the upbeat track, which grounds itself in an old-school Vampire Weekend groove and adds synth shimmer up top. The vocals soar from reverb-soaked group-shouted proclamations to crisp falsetto, as singer Christopher Whitehall reaches for his lungs' outer limits in a statement of defiance: "I won't fall in love with you this time!" he sings, but it sounds like he's already there.

The Griswolds will be painting the town red (and blue and yellow and purple and green) at New York's CMJ New Music Marathon this week, with the band's debut album set for a 2014 debut.

+ Watch The Griswolds' "Mississippi" video.

Photo credit: Wind-Up Records