Watch Saves The Day's Buzzworthy Live Acoustic Performance Of 'Ring Pop' And 'Cars And Calories'

Watch Saves The Day perform "Ring Pop" and "Cars & Calories."

Watch Saves The Day perform "Ring Pop" and "Cars And Calories" on Buzzworthy Live.

Emo-punk pioneers Saves The Day have so much material to choose from, we're shocked they were able to pick only a few tracks to play for us during their recent visit to the MTV. I mean, c'mon, where to start?? Should they go old school and play some hardcore-leaning tracks from their Can't Slow Down days? Or maybe a brutally melodic cut from 2001's Stay What You Are?

Ultimately, the Princeton, N.J., troupe (HEY, THAT'S WHERE I'M FROM) managed to make their selection: "Ring Pop," from their self-titled eighth studio album, and "Cars And Calories" from Stay What You Are.

Saves The Day

Watch Saves The Day perform acoustic renditions of "Ring Pop" and "Cars & Calories" after the jump.

Accompanied by only their guitars, lead singer Chris Conley and guitarist Arun Bali dove right into one of their newest tracks, "Ring Pop," a lighthearted, poetic song that celebrates marriage.

"Ring Pop" is an important song for me," Chris told us after their performance. "It's a pop song about being married and the incredible journey that you go on as you learn to grow together."

The duo also revisited a much older and considerably darker track, "Cars And Calories," which delves into the ugly side of American celebrity culture.

"'Cars And Calories" -- the older song -- is important to me because I wrote it a decade ago," said Chris. "But it seems fitting for our modern world because it's all about celebrity culture."

And how about those biting lyrics? "The plastic canopy of U.S. royalty drew her gaze toward the sky/ and away from her own mind/ And it took bites out of her insides till she was just a hollow shell." #Ouch.

"I'm kind of sensitive," Chris explained. "So I felt sort of mildly alienated at different points in my life just looking at culture, especially this hectic, modern culture. [It's just] wanting something to hold on to, as a sensitive guy. Whether it's community or a sense of values. I think that's where the song came from, wanting to reach higher."

And speaking of reaching out, the guys revealed the awe they felt about releasing their EIGHTH studio album, and how excited they are that their die-hard fans already love it.

"It's really fun to play the gigs and see people respond so well to the new songs, and it's very rewarding seeing the fans go nuts for the new stuff and the old stuff," Chris said. "Once [the record] came out, the very next day everyone knew the words to the songs."

But again, EIGHT albums? Saves The Day has been at it since 1994! We wondered, how has Chris' songwriting process evolved over nearly 20 years?

"I think the way the initial ideas has never changed, it's always me and an acoustic guitar," said Chris. But now with this lineup -- I've been with Arun for almost five years now --  I trust that the songs are going to come to life in a way that's exciting for me. It's more collaborative than it was in the past. But still, the spark of the idea starts with me and an acoustic guitar."

And there you have it. Watch Chris and his acoustic guitar below.

+ Watch Saves The Day perform acoustic renditions of "Ring Pop" and "Cars And Calories."

Photo credit: Tamar Anitai