Emblem3 Get Homesick On The Road In Their '3000 Miles' Video Teaser

Watch Emblem3's "3000 Miles" video teaser.

Emblem3 feel lonely on tour in their "3000 Miles" video teaser.

We know, we know. After that stunning Instagram of Emblem3's glistening, Greek God-like pecs, seeing the bros do anything other than get naked for the camera is, well, SADZ for us.

That said, even if we can't look at the bros covering their private parts with guitars 24/7, we can at least watch them act all #contemplative on a tour bus in their "3000 Miles" video preview! Seems like the next best thing, right? (Aside from maybe hooking up with an IRL Emblem3 member.)

Watch Emblem3's "3000 Miles" video preview after the jump.

After nabbing the opening gig for Selena Gomez on her "Stars Dance" World Tour, it seems only logical that a track entitled "3000 Miles" would document the "Chloe (You're The Want That I Want)" singers' travel shenanigans, staring-off-into-the-distance tour bus moments, and occasional time spent with (who we think are) their girlfriends.

Also, in between shots of the "X Factor" finalists kickin' it performance style on a gorgeous rooftop somewhere, the 35-second preview reveals the guys writing songs together (make that paper!!) as their pimped-out tour bus calmly cruises down the highway.

Now, we don't know what the full video will entail quite yet, but we can infer that the band's "3000 Miles" video will probably have them acting equal parts "invincible pop star" and "IRL homesick human on the road." Which, of course, only makes us want to "comfort" them more. Interpret those quotation marks as you will.

Be on the lookout for the full "3000 Miles" video when it drops tomorrow.

Watch Emblem3's "3000 Miles" video preview.

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