Flashback Friday: Watch Cassadee Pope's Hey Monday 'Homecoming' Video Before 'Cassadee Pope: Frame By Frame' Airs Tonight At 10 ET/PT On CMT!

FYI, we're obsessed with Cassadee Pope.

Before "Cassadee Pope: Frame By Frame" premieres tonight on CMT, get to know her pop-rock roots.

Cassadee Pope may be known for a lot of headline-grabbing things right now -- teaming with Blake Shelton on season three of "The Voice," winning season three of  "The Voice," starring in CMT's "Cassadee Pope: Frame By Frame" premiering tonight at 10 p.m. ET, singing the twangin' power ballad "Wasting All These Tears," being my eeeeevil twin. (JK!)

But we'll always remember her as the lead singer of pop-rock outfit Hey Monday, whom we've been obsessed with ever since they dropped their first and only EP in 2008. Seriously, give Hold On Tight a listen -- that ish holds UP!

One track in particular that always finds a way onto our moodier, broodier "FALL JAMZ >:[" playlist is "Homecoming," a kiss-off track of epic, mid-aughts emo-inflected proportions. Complementing the song's Veruca Salt-meets-Kelly Clarkson in "Behind These Hazel Eyes" sound, Cassadee's video is the perfect slice of high-energy, angsty pie à la mode. We just wish we still had the floppy, flat-ironed 2008 bangs to match! Actually, wait. Glad we don't.

Watch Hey Monday's "Homecoming" video after the jump, her newer "Wasting All These Tears" video, and check out more #FlashbackFriday Cassadee Pope goodness after the jump.

Since we were feeling all these warm and fuzzy #FlashbackFriday vibes, we couldn't stop ourselves from unearthing even more of our fave Classic Cassadee moments from the past. What about when Hey Monday popped in for a Buzzworthy Q&A and told us all about their tour buddy/ on-the-road "father figure," Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy?

Or what about when the band stopped by to share five things we didn't know about them? Warning: In case you dreamed of one day taking Cassadee out on a spicy tuna and yellowtail date, CHANGE OF PLANS. Turns out that girlfriend does not like sushi. BRB, gotta go sing "On My Own" into a bag filled with loose imitation crabmeat marinating in my tears. #TooFah

So much Cassadee Pope love, y'all. However, we think that our fave thing about her is "The Voice" champion's chameleon-like vocal chops. Like, come on, mama goes from the pop-rock world to breaking through the country world like it's her job. Which it is.

For proof, check out "Wasting All These Tears" below (as if you're not VURRY familiar already), and don't miss the CMT premiere of "Cassadee Pope: Frame By Frame" tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

+ Watch Hey Monday's "Homecoming" video, see Hey Monday's 2010 "Buzzworthy Q&A" video, view Hey Monday's "5 Things You Didn't Know" video from way back in 2009, and check out Cassadee Pope's 2013 "Wasting All These Tears" video.

Photo credit: Christopher Polk

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