Listen To Ariana Grande's Bubbly, Ke$ha-Penned Demo, 'Pink Champagne'

Ariana Grande and Ke$ha make studio magic on "Pink Champagne"

Listen to Ariana Grande's Ke$ha-penned "Pink Champagne." No Illuminati references here!

Let's be blunt: HOW much sense does it make that Ke$ha -- aka the girl who regularly swishes Jack Daniels in her mouth like it's water -- wrote a song called "Pink Champagne" for Ariana Grande? Just let that sink in for a second.

Unfortunately, the sunshiny jam, which Ariana recorded when she was only 17, didn't make it onto the puppy lover's flawless debut disc, Yours Truly. But, to celebrate reaching the 10 million follower mark on Twitter this week, Ariana has released her self-proclaimed "fetus record" into the universe!

Listen to Ariana Grande's Ke$ha-penned demo, "Pink Champagne," after the jump.

Set to a synth-laden, sparkling track, "Pink Champagne" falls somewhere in between "Baby I" and the glittery "Piano," with just a dash of Ke$ha's Top 40 pop sensibilities. As soaring synths surge in the background, a much younger-sounding Ariana coos, "Make it pop like champagne in the purple rain, we're gonna paint the city!"

Sure, "Pink Champagne" is a perfectly bubbly (CHAMPAGNE PUNS), straightforward pop gem, and it probably would've been a great first single for Ariana's album had it dropped when she was 17. That said, we can't deny that we much prefer the breezier, '90s-tinged, mini-Mariah vibes of "The Way" and "Right There."

Then again, when we were 17, we were probably listening to the vocal stylings of Eagle Eye Cherry and watching "Real World" reruns. So I guess we have no choice but to award all the #FetusProps to 17-year-old Ariana, who was obviously close enough friends with Ke$ha to collab on a record. #AngstyTeenageSigh

+ Listen to Ariana Grande's Ke$ha-penned demo, "Pink Champagne."

Photo credit: @arianagrande