Miley Cyrus Vacuums Her Private Jet In Her 'Miley: The Movement' Documentary Because She's Not Too Turnt Up To Vacuum Her Own Jet (VIDEO)


Thank you for flying Air Bangerz!

The thing no one tells you when you get a private jet is that half the time they're mysteriously just full of dog hair. (Take it from someone who's both an animal lover and who's had a fleet of private jets over the years. Blogging's more lucrative than you thought, huh?) Turns out they require CONSTANT vacuuming! Fortunately Miley Cyrus, despite her superstar status, isn't too rich, powerful, or famous to get her hands dirty, which she proved by one of the best, weirdest, and most sanitary moments of her "Miley: The Movement" MTV documentary: That Time Miley Cyrus Randomly Vacuumed Her Own Private Jet.

Watch Miley Cyrus vacuum her private jet in "Miley: The Movement" after the jump!

If this whole Bangerz thing doesn't work out, it's reassuring to know that Miley's resourceful and could fall back on a career in the aviation and/ or sanitation arts. And remember, young Smilers: The next time your parents tell you to vacuum up cat litter or glitter or cat glitter or whatever mess you've gotten yourself into again, don't forget that if Miley's real enough to vacuum her PJ, you can damn well fire up your Dirt Devil.

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