Star Spotting: Ariana Grande's Godson Looks Equal Parts Terrified + Precious At Ariana's Concert (PHOTO)

This photo of Ariana Grande protecting her godson's ears is your daily helping of CUTE!

Seeing Ariana protect her godson's ears is so #PRESH.

Babies at concerts! It's not an everyday occurrence, but when it does happen, it's such a totally unexpected visual masterpiece of PRECIOUSNESS! Cue Ariana Grande and her godson, Ollie, together at one of her presumably chaotic, loud, and frenzied sold-out shows.

We have a hunch that once you get over the initial shock of spying Ollie's perfectly pudgy punim, you might start to wonder why the hell this adorable tater tot is wearing adult-size blue headphones?? Well, yeah, concerts are loud! We're glad that his godmama is looking out for his hearing -- but mostly we're just glad because dressing babies like grown-ups MAKES OUR LIVES.

Thankfully, some genius (perhaps Ollie's mom?) was on hand to capture and appropriately filter the moment on Instagram, which Ariana captioned: "My godson Ollie had to wear these massive headphones at my concert to protect his little ears #precious #mush." Well, if by "mush" the "Baby I" singer means "our ovaries are starting to tingle," then yeah, we totally agree with her. (TMI, sure, but how one wouldn't get all the #babyfeelings after looking at this photo is completely beyond me.)

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram